Meet The Entrepreneur: Andy McLoughlin

| Catriona Balfour

On Friday the SVIP team was treated to its first “Meet the Entrepreneur” session of the year, which saw the welcome return of seasoned SVIP speaker Andy McLoughlin. When he’s not speaking at SVIP events, Andy keeps himself busy as an early stage investor at SoftTech VC, co-founder of Huddle, and Angel investor in many successful companies, including Postmates, and Secret Escapes. He was also recently awarded an OBE for services to UK business and technology leadership. So, it’s fair to say that Andy’s extremely well placed to offer advice to the SVIP interns as they embark on their startup journey.

SVIP Official : Final chance to apply to SVIP Class of 2016

| SVIP Official

Yes, the rumours are true! Applications for the 2016 intake of the Silicon Valley Internship Programme will be closing at midnight (PST) on Sunday, February 1st. If you are a Computer Science graduate (or are graduating this year) from a British University and you want to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit in the techy-cauldron of dreams that is Silicon Valley, then stop what you’re doing, don’t even bother reading the rest of this blog, and apply to the Silicon Valley Internship Programme right now by clicking here!

SVIPer Blog : Three months in SF... but there's always room for Bristol

| Jamie Henson (SVIP 2015)

I’ve been here for about three months now – just long enough (I’d say) to claim that the transition has been made from this feeling like a short trip to this feeling like a full move. And with that, the realisation that I most likely won’t return to the UK for just under a year has made me miss it.

SVIPer Blog : Think Digital

| Flavius Popescu (SVIP 2015)

One of the great things about living in Silicon Valley is that there are so many exciting tech events right on your doorstep. From casual meetups, to events aimed at teaching you everything your start up needs to know and official product launches it’s actually possible to go to a different event every night of the week. We checked in with SVIPer Flavius Popescu to hear about some of the events he’s been to lately.

SVIPer Blog : Enter The Bransion

| Jamie Henson (SVIP 2015)

Today marks a month of living in San Francisco, the transition from nervously waiting in Heathrow Terminal 3 for the first of the other SVIP members to arrive, to sitting on my bed with a cold (intriguingly 50¢ a can) beer, looking out of my bedroom window that offers a spectacular view of eastern SF and the Bay. A lot of goings-on are framed in this one scene – the perpetually busy Bay Bridge, the looming towers of SoMa and Market, and the heavily Latin-influenced Mission District. It really puts home that this is a city with a lot about it, that if you were to more closely examine any part of what’s in view then you’d find something new. Many major cities have this potential I suppose, but it’s rare that you’re able to realise it so completely from such a macroscopic viewpoint. I liked my old house in Bristol, but my room overlooked a trainline.

SVIP Official : SVIP Class of 2015 Arrives

| SVIP Offical

After months of anticipation, the SVIP class of 2015 has landed in San Francisco. They’ve settled in at their new jobs, immersed themselves in city culture and if you ask any one of them, I am sure they will attest that they are quite literally, living the dream.

SVIPer Blog : SVIP 2014 Postmortem

| Marat Subkhankulov (SVIP 2014)

Well it’s been a whole year. A whole year and I can hardly believe it. Still time waits for no man and myself and the rest of the SVIP Class of 2014 are soon to move on to greener pastures, exciting new projects and adventures.

SVIPer Blog : Land of the free

| Jamie Henson (SVIP 2015)

Well, I’m finally here! Five months ago, I received a piece of news that rendered me both speechless and giddily excited. And then just one week ago, I was very, very tired having just got off an 11 hour flight, but no less enthused. For the past week, San Francisco has been my home, and will be for the next 55 – give or take.

SVIPer Blog : First SVIP hackathon

| Marat Subkankulov (SVIP 2014)

Last weekend we held our very first SVIP hackathon. It was a surprisingly unrushed and pleasant affair much different to what I’d experienced before during game jams. Personally I think that it was the familiarity and homeliness of the LoopUp offices that did it. Stewart, Paul, Naomi, Ben, Mario, Michael, Chris A, Chris H all attended to work on their ideas.

SVIPer Blog : Mr Right-idea

| Barney Jackson (SVIP 2014)

In the six months I have lived in San Francisco I have encountered a concentration of passionate people beyond anything I could have anticipated. The sheer number of start-ups that the city, and surrounding Bay Area, fosters can be attributed to a great number of factors and there are innumerable articles which try to address these. But it is this passion exhibited by the world renowned “founder” stereotype which has me fixated.